Summer Peterson

The healing power of intermittent fasting and how to be a 'conscious eater'

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Summer Peterson is the author of the book, “The SEXY Diet”, and host of the TV show, “Wine Country Weight Loss with Summer Peterson.” She is a weight loss expert who specializes in teaching client’s how to speed up their metabolism and burn off all of their unwanted body fat. 

Summer founded BodySoulShine in 2016, which offers online weight loss programs. The mission of BodySoulShine is to inspire and empower others to achieve their ideal body weight. Summer’s motto is: Anybody can lose their unwanted body weight at any age, no matter what genes they inherited, no matter how many children they have had, no matter how much weight they have gained, and no matter how many years they have lived in an overweight body. Anyone and everyone can have the body of their dreams. 

Summer’s own weight loss journey was the catalyst for creating a proven weight loss system that has resulted in anywhere from 10 pounds to 75 pounds of weight loss in all of her private clients. After years of yo-yo dieting, Summer discovered how to lose weight without dieting and fixed her broken metabolism. She lost over 30 pounds following her simple and effective weight-loss system, and now passionately teaches the art of weight loss and metabolism health.

Summer has a master’s degree in Psychology. She lives in the heart of the Northern California Wine Country with her husband, Greg, and their two sons, Jude and Skyler, ages 7 & 4.

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