Sarah Morgan

There's no denying we are living in a modern world: How to feel
vibrant while you take your prescription medications

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Sarah Morgan is a modern-day inventor. Known for her innovative ideas that connect science to everyday life, she delivers impactful, science-based solutions for common health problems. Sarah created Even — a first-of-its-kind wellness company that was developed to meet the unique nutritional needs of individuals taking common prescription medications. Formulated to balance biochemistry, Even’s products enable individuals taking prescription medications, like birth control and statins, to feel good while getting the benefits of their medications. 

Beyond Even, Sarah has helped thousands of individuals with complex health issues using food and nutrients to optimize gene expression. For more than 13 years she ran a clinical practice in Denver, enabling individuals, communities and corporations to achieve their health and wellness goals. She holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition and has many advanced certifications in her field.

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