Michael Strasner

How to LIVE your best life, not just SURVIVE it!

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Michael Strasner is a master leader in the work of personal and professional coaching for over 30 years. Through his life changing transformative workshops, trainings, seminars and key note speaking he has impacted, inspired and made a profound difference with thousands of people throughout the world.

Some of his clients include Fortune 500 companies, CEO's, Presidents, professional athletes, entertainers and his specialty, entrepreneurs.

As an entrepreneur himself, Michael has created and invented several successful and profitable businesses. This entrepreneurial spirit has led him to designing extraordinary training programs including his Mastering the Art of Leadership/Phd Program, currently being offered in all over the United States and several countries including Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Columbia.

Michael is the Founder, Owner and President of Direct Impact Inc. which provides coaching and trainings to existing and aspiring leaders, trainers and entrepreneurs.

His life mission and vision has led him home to Massachusetts where his new company called the Boston Breakthrough Academy, begins their leadership training programs starting in September, 2019.

Additionally, he is the author of 2 #1 Amazon best selling books, “Living on the Skinny Branches and Mastering Leadership.”

He currently lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife Hillary and their children.

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