Liliana Partida

Lifestyle is the name of the game: how to avoid chronic
disease and cancer by making small shifts in the way we live

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Liliana Partida, CN (Clinical Nutritionist) has been in the Health and Fitness Industry for over 23 years. She started off her career early in life with winning the State Championship in the 400 meters run. This launched her dedication in the Health and Fitness industry becoming a perpetual student of continual education.

Liliana went on to educate and train aerobics teacher’s and lectures on Weight loss in Spain, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Switzerland. She is certified in Nutritional Microscopy, Clinical Nutrition, Advanced Bio Energetic Testing, kinesiology, Destination Coaching and has completed courses in Weight Loss Resistance, Detoxification, Stress Management, Anti-aging, Functional Blood Chemistry, Homeopathy, Reki, Tai-chi, Meditation and specialized in emotional work using an innovative treatment called the EVOX. As important as it is to treat and heal the physical body, it is equally important to help patients to get in touch with emotional trauma or psycho-emotional conflicts. Mind-body healing takes place with interventions such as psychotherapy, hypnosis, and biofeedback training through. EVOX which is what we offer at the Center for New Medicine. EVOX is an integrative approach that accounts for physical as well as emotional health. She has become a master chef and educator creating lifestyle programs for patients at Center for New Medicine and currently lectures on Nutrition, Diabetes, Auto Immune disorders, Metabolic Syndrome, Weight Loss, and all stages of Cancer.

Liliana Partida’s mission is to teach and be taught. Her greatest Teachers have been her patients and students. She approaches each day with the intention to create success within herself and others. Her programs are based on clinical research and a lifetime of experience.

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