Lee Holmes

The 4 phases of gut healing and how to time meals for optimal digestion

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Lee Holmes is a holistic nutritionist, yoga and meditation teacher, wholefoods chef and author of the bestselling Supercharged Food series, which includes Eat Your Way to Good Health; Eat Yourself Beautiful; Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian; Supercharged Food for Kids; Eat Right for Your Shape; Fast Your Way to Wellness, Heal Your Gut and the 2018 follow-up, Supercharge Your Gut. She runs a four-week 'Heal Your Gut' program, a two-day a week 'Supercharge Your Gut' program and a 6 week ‘Fast Your Way to Wellness’ program on her website www.superchargedfood.com and has a range of gut friendly powders and blends at www.superchargeyourgut.com Lee is the healthy eating expert for the Lifestyle Food Channel as well as a columnist
for WellBeing and Naturally magazines, and her articles have appeared in leading Australian newspapers and journals, as well as The Times, The Telegraph and the Daily Express in the UK, and in the US on The Huffington Post, Mind Body Green and Food Matters.

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