Dr. Danny Petrasek

The mystery of the ‘obesity epidemic’ revealed and how to
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Dr. Danny Petrasek is a physician scientist with broad expertise in medical physiology and metabolism. After completing his residency and chief residency in Internal Medicine,   he was invited to participate in the UCLA Specialty Training & Advanced Research (STAR) Program. During that time, He completed a subspecialty in Endocrine and Metabolism and also became the first physician to receive a PhD in applied and computational mathematics from the California Institute of Technology's (Caltech) division of engineering and applied sciences.

Dr.Petrasek's scientific contributions span the spectrum of the medical field including: translational medicine, dermatology, metabolism, nutrition, cardiology, and endocrine physiology. He has innovated products for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies.

As a product developer in the direct sales industry, he has designed and marketed a range of successful products including: topical skin care, nutritional supplements, energy and hydration, cognition and women’s health. 

As director of the Global Virtual Hospital, a multi university digital health program (Baylor College of Medicine, Imperial College, Caltech and NTU), he led a team of physicians, technologists and health care providers in creating a wellness and general health service via the Internet.

Dr Petrasek serves as a Faculty Advisor for the newly created Bio-venture and innovation organization known as 8400. His focus includes identifying digital health products, medical innovation and promising companies.

Dr Petrasek is on the faculty in Biology and Medical Engineering at Caltech. Dr. Petrasek was the recipient of the Keck Discovery award for innovative biomedical science. He is the author of numerous research and review articles and also serves as an Editor for the journal Diabetes, Science and Technology.

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